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Welcome to YOUR free network!

Over the years, the word "free" has become diluted on the internet, to the point that it's meaning is almost perplexing to say the least. We wish to correct this, and with your help - we believe we can!.

From software and services developed entirely in-house, I.T. Mate is dedicated to bringing you the very best of the internet from around the globe. We won't just meet you half way - we'll pick you up and take you there!.

Just some of the things you can find here include sGB - providing completely free and fully featured guestbooks (with hosting!) along with our unique vURL dissection service - developed to allow you to verify a website's content before you visit it (virtually essential in todays world of malware spreading websites), and much more.

Note: The Freeware Library, previously at freeware.it-mate.co.uk is currently offline.

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